What are the types of bonuses in online casinos?

The one thing that makes land-based casinos differ from online casinos is the amount and types of bonuses paid. Many kinds of bonuses are offered online and this is one key factor influencing people to join.

These are promotions that the casino employs to attract players to join. Different ป๊อกเด้ง casinos offer different types of bonuses.

The following gives a brief of the types of bonuses.

Sign up bonus

As the name suggests, this is given at the time of signing up with the casino. Also called welcome bonus, this is the first kind of bonus issued. This is the main attraction that makes players decide which casino to join.

As soon as you register on the casino’s site, you become eligible to get the welcome bonus. This is given as a percentage or match bonus or sometimes both. All casinos do not offer the same type of welcome bonus. The percentage and the amount varies and this becomes a deciding factor for players.

Deposit-linked bonus

You are paid a bonus in accordance with the amount of deposit you make. This is the bonus linked with the deposit. Casinos offer bonuses as an equal percentage of deposits. When additional deposits are made, an additional bonus is also paid. This increases the bankroll and is very helpful for players. For example, if you make a deposit of $100 and you have a 100% bonus option, you will be paid $100 as a bonus, so now your balance will be $200.

Loyalty bonus

Bonus is also paid for your continued support to a casino. When you keep playing with a casino for a long period, then the casino rewards you with a bonus called the loyalty bonus. With your loyalty, the casino has also earned a lot and so it compensates you with a bonus. The casino has a VIP club where the long-time players are enrolled. They are given points that can be redeemed for rewards.

Cashback bonus

Cashback is also considered a kind of bonus. For the losses incurred by the player, a small compensation is paid so that he continues gambling. It is given as a percentage of losses. For example, if you incur a loss of $500 and you have a cashback of 20%, then you get back $100. This way the casino helps in reducing your losses.

Referral bonus

This type of bonus is paid when the player refers another person to join the casino. Since the player has helped the casino in gaining more players, it gives back in the form of bonuses.

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