Types of baccarat games online

Baccarat games are played online as in a land-based casino. There are many online variants available of this game. The main purpose of the game is to get the hand up to 9. You have the European and the American type of baccarat available to play. Below, you can learn about two varieties of online baccarat.

Baccarat en Banque:

Here the game of บาคาร่า is played with 3 decks of cards and in some variations, 4 decks are used. The banker’s position here is permanent until all the cards are dealt with. The banker will be the player who opts first for a bigger wager amount. It is a table game with 10 players in all with the banker at the center of the table. Those sitting next to the banker can only play the bet. When the amount of wager is not covered by them, any others can play. The banker, if defeated can continue to play but after refilling the funds of the bank. Players sit on the left and right of the banker.

  • When a player gets 8 or 9 the game has to stop.
  • When a player has less than 4 he has to draw the third card.
  • A player having 6 or 7 must stand.
  • When a player has 5 he can choose if he needs to draw or stand.

The banker can also act as per his wish. These rules differ between casinos.

Mini baccarat:

The rules for this game of สมัครบาคาร่า is like that of the American variant. It has lower betting limits and is also played on a smaller table. Here, the dealer sits in front of the players on the opposite side of the table. This is a reduced version of the original baccarat game and is preferred by those who like to enjoy the game without any stress of the game. The number of players can be 7 in mini baccarat.

  • The dealer deals 4 cards face up, 2 to the player hand and 2 to Banker’s hand.
  • The third card is given according to baccarat drawing rules.
  • He then compares the value of the banker and the player’s cards.
  • The dealer distributes winnings by collecting the losses.