There are distinctly two ways of playing the games of lottery. The one is to blindly believing on the luck or the fate and the other is to follow certain strategies. There is of course a third means which is based on scientific laws and its intelligent applications to influence the Lottery results. But this third group of players is very rare and hence can safely be set aside for the present study regarding the strategies which are followed by the common players who constitutes the mass. This can be said to be an academic research item and aimed at knowing the human behavior in the face of uncertain Lottery results. The study results show some curious status and give a foresight into the behavioral aspects of the general people which are almost similar in all the people all over the world in spite of their linguistic, racial, cultural or color variations.

The superstitious strategies

  • Some attempt to wager the number by picking up one number from the hat. They first write the numbers from 1 to 46 on pieces of papers. These papers are put into the hat and mixed thoroughly in order to simulate the process of the random numbers. They then pick up a number from the mix for หวยหุ้นออกกี่โมง.
  • Some decide to blindly depend on their luck and so pick up a number from the lottery terminal and allow their luck to show their strength. This can be treated as a blind faith and devoid of any application of human trial and error strategies.
  • Another group is found to play the same number over and over again believing that in some game the lucky number will sure to appear.
  • The other strategy innovated is to go on playing a newer number. Though this is also depending on the blind faith but the players have to keep on recording the numbers which are played in order to restrict those numbers in the further games.
  • Some depend on their children to tell the numbers. This has come from the assumption that the children being innocent are lucky and the numbers which they pick up have got to be lucky enough to win. Such people in the face of defeats bring out the excuses that the others must be luckier that ฝันเห็น งู หวย. But they never attempt to doubt their strategies of blind faith. Such is the strength of the blind superstitions regarding the Lottery results.

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