Just as we have a land-based casino slot which is also known as slot machine, so do well have online slot, otherwise known as internet slot. Online slot is any slot game played through media such as computer desktop, laptop or mobile phone which is facilitated by internet connection. Without an internet connection, you can access and operate online slot. Online slots are a higher version of land-based slot machine. Online slot is mostly found in every online casino. Online slot has different features such as a bonus round which makes it more exiting, thus attracting more online casino players. Virtual slot is offered by many online casinos such as Entaplay. Entaplay’s virtual slot includes the GNS slot, PG slot, ISB slot, HB slot, etc. สล็อตออนไลน์ is getting popular globally as on the virtual gambling and it contains thousands of games in which online casino players can select from.


Some online slots in Entaplay contain different games to include:

  • HB slot: Games in HB Includes the bombs away, three card poker, jugglenant, the dead escape, dragon, tiger, rolling Roger, blackjack 3Hand, fenghaug etc.
  • GNS slot: Games found in Entaplay’s GNS slot includes the journey of the west, dinosaur adventure, tree of life, Da Hong bao, fire and ice island, year of the dog, rich pads, dragon slayer etc.
  • PG slot: In this online slot, games such as fortune code, gem savior, Medusa 1, Medusa 2, European blackjack, hood Vs wolf are found in it.
  • PP slot: Great rhino, wolf gold, chili beat, 5 lions, diamond strike, Asgard, lucky new year are games found in this สล็อตออนไลน์.
  • IBS slot: IBS slot games are diamond wild, Mona Lisa jewel, hot shot, responsible, royal shot etc.

Online slot or internet-based slot and land-based slot found in the casino are much the same apart from the exiting additional features like welcome bonus.


Online slots found in a certain online casino are:

  • 5 Reel slot: This slot is more elaborate and higher winning combination.
  • Mobile slot.
  • Multi payline slot.
  • 3 reel classic slot machine: They are a simple introduction to online slots.
  • 3 D slot: The are the latest form of online slot.



  • It is competitive and as such there is improved bonuses and promotions.
  • Rules are easier and online slots have better odd.
  • Unlike land based casinos, online slot can be played anytime.
  • Land based casino is over populated and crowded; this is not do in online slot.
  • There is no tipping in online slot.


  • Withdrawing of money won most takes time in many online slots
  • Customer service is slow as online slot has no staff.

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