How important playing outside is for children

Children love games. When it comes to being a child, playing is one important thing; he or she is interested in. This is because, playing around makes the child feel better and different. It makes them feel good things about the world and make new friends. It helps in developing the social bond among new friends and people around them. Children are fascinated by games since they take every day as a fresh start. They do not worry about success and failure because winning the game is not their only motive. Playing around with friends teaches them many great life lessons. For example: Playing together teaches them team work, initiating the game makes them a team player, Teaching the game and understanding makes them good at analyzing skills and leading the game makes them learn leadership qualities. All these life lessons when learnt at a very small age, helps them to grow as better citizens of the society. The future world is in the hands of today’s children, so making them better people of tomorrow are very important.

What happens to children who do not play outside

Many children do not want to go outside and play. This is because they are not brought outside or they are given video games at home. Children today are interested in playing video games at home and they rarely go outside and play. This makes them sit in one place for a long time and play games over the mobile phones or desktops. This is the main reason why children at early age suffer from diseases like obesity. Obesity is the accumulation of fat in the body which is the main cause of diseases like heart attack and stroke. Parents put their children in a comfort zone and give them everything and children on the other hand become less interested in real games.

Online games

There are many online games today which is not advisable for children to play. Games like dadu online, poker are not meant for children. Since parents do not spend time with their children, they do not know what they are up to. Games like dadu online require money to play them. This might even lead to children addiction towards money games.

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