Disadvantages of Online Gambling

Online casinos have grown become some of the most popular places. While online casinos offer the comfort of multiple gaming, multiple dealing, multiple casino presence and gambling anywhere you are; it comes with its share of disadvantages:

Lack of Human Interaction

Physical interaction with other people while judi bola has its benefits. It is fun and may earn you lots of friends. Online casinos deny you this interaction with other people and the benefits of it. With online gambling, you may have increased pressure to win because here is no human interaction to distract you from this pressure. You are also not able to read your opponents body language during online gambling. In online casinos, you are blind to the view of your opponent; and your decisions on how to deal are limited.

Risk of Virus Infection of your Device

For you to play well in online judi bola, you may have to download software to assist you. This software may sometimes be infected with viruses that adversely affect the functioning of your device.


With online casinos, you risk having your identity stolen because you have to provide a lot of information to a system whose operators you do not know. You are also at higher risk of being duped in online casinos if you land yourself in the hands of rogue online casino operators. Your wins may ‘vanish into thin air’ if you do not exercise extra caution.

Hidden Transaction Fees

While you may not pay any fees while you make deposits in online casinos, there are other places which leak your money; which may have you paying more than the physical casino transaction fees. Your money may be used to pay for bank transactions such as credit card processing. From the time of win to the time you realize your winnings in your bank account, a lot of charges may apply. Even withdrawal of your wins from the bank will cost you some of your winnings.

Long Payout Times

With online Casinos, you do not necessarily get to enjoy your winnings immediately. You will have to wait for your money to be processed before you realize it in your bank account. On the other hand, with physical casinos, you touch and feel your own money immediately after a win. You get to enjoy your winning and feel the reward of your gamble. It motivates you to keep going at it.


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