Check out the Dadu online game

Well Dadu online is one game which includes SICBO, a type of the game of Chinese origin of ancient times. It is also popular with the name as Taisai or the daisiu. Nowadays it is even called as the dice bowl game. Some of the sites are offering this game of dice online as well as live. All you need to do is, select the best online casino, understand all the rules and regulations and start playing. Some of the sites are based as the Asian site or focused on the Asian players. You can get these live platforms online for the western market as well which includes the dice game.

You must know that the Dadu online game play is easy game which is unlike other games as the video poker or blackjack. You don’t have to learn or grasp any of the particular strategy for getting most out of game. You just need to place bets or bet on table online, wait for dice to get rolled and collect all winnings, if any comes. The payouts and bets in this game are also different which are listed below. You can have a look as,

  • The single number of bet: it includes that placing number of the bet states that you need specific number for appearing on dadu online. You need to select any number from one to six or place the chips on corresponding areas. If your chosen number comes one time, you bet payout will be one to one. If it appears twice then you bet payout will be two to one and if it comes thrice, then it will come as three to one.
  • Match and pair bet: you can make bet on any of fifteen possible two dice of the combinations as three and four, four and two, five or two or six. If both the number appears, then bet payout will be five to one.
  • Big or small bets: in this, if total sum of 3 dices is around four to ten. The big bets win on the total of eleven to seventeen, and thenneither big nor small bet wins if 3 dices are of similar number. The payouts on big and small bets are one to one.

You must check out the Dadu online game today and go through all the features to understand more.

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