A Beginner’s Guide to Online and Live Casino Glossary

Below is a list in order of some terms used at online and live casino.

  • Advantage Player – a player that has an advantage over the casino. Used for card counters in blackjack but can also apply to players who use bonuses to get an advantage.
  • Bankroll – The amount of money that the player has to gamble with.
  • Bonuses – It is a sum of money given to online players by the online casino site for meeting certain requirements.
  • Card Shark – A person expert with card games.
  • Cash-out – It is the term used for withdrawing winnings from an online casino game.
  • Casino Advantage – Also known as the house edge, it is a mathematical advantage that the casino site has over its players.
  • Casino Rewards – A reward which the online casino site gives to its players based on much they play.
  • Chip Tray – It is a tray used by a dealer to hold the house chips.
  • Casino
  • Chips – These are the cash of casino in an image of chips to represent them, these come in various denominations.
  • Cold Streak – It is an extended losing run of a game or a player.
  • Color Up – This act exchanges smaller denomination chips for larger ones.
  • Comp Points – These can be in exchange for chips in an online casino game.
  • Croupier – It is a French term for a casino dealer.
  • Cut Card – A plastic card used to cut the deck in some cards.
  • Dealer – The one responsible for dealing the cards to the players.
  • Degenerate Gambler – The one who gambles on the casino on a frequent and excessive phase.
  • Deposit – The term used for adding funds to an online casino account.
  • High Roller – The one who plays high stakes at the casino.
  • Hot Streak – It is a term used in the casino for the extended winning run.
  • Jackpot – A large prize offered after in a casino after every game.
  • Layout – Reproduced at online casinos, it is a surface of a gaming table where players place their wagers.
  • Loyalty Scheme – A scheme offered to players for their wagering activities.
  • Maximum Bet – The highest stake a player can place at a game.
  • Minimum Bet – The lowest stake a player can place at a game.
  • Multi-hand Games – This is an opportunity for players to play more than one hand at a time.
  • Progressive Jackpot – A term used for the type of jackpot that increases over time.
  • Push – A tied outcome where neither the house or the player wins.
  • Wager – This is the term used for the amount gambled at an online or live casino game.
  • Whale – Another term for a high-value player that wagers for big stakes.

Knowing these terms will help you understand a bit more about the casino game you play at a registered and licensed online casino site sbobetasia login.

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